Systemic Constellations

Like all things in nature, we exist as part of wider systems; in our relationships, our community, within our environment, in our working life and so on.  When difficulties arise its often hard to understand what is going on, and a constellation process can be an effective way of exploring the invisible or unspoken dynamics behind a relationship issue, a stuckness or a persisting challenge.

We may be unknowingly affected by influences from our family tree, reaching back beyond our parent’s experience, or by world events like the holocaust or Great Depression that massively impacted the lives of our ancestors.  By illuminating patterns that have not been recognised or acknowledged, a constellation can simply help us to see ‘what is’. It can also deepen the understanding of the system being explored, and highlight entanglements and behaviours that co-create the issue.

Constellations can be facilitated in several ways, from simply using teacups or other objects on a table-top, or as a live system, where people stand in as ‘elements’ on behalf of the client. Everyone in the room is a participant, whether active or observing, and much can be gained from the experience of taking part. It is an emergent process and can take anything from 20 minutes to around an hour. The best approach is to be open to whatever emerges.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen”

What can be explored?

It could be a relationship question, or a conflict at work. It may be weighing up a number of options or clarifying future direction. It could also be more abstract like understanding an addiction or one’s relationship to money.  

Systemic Constellations further develops the work of Bert Hellinger and others in the Family Constellations.  These processes access the deep dynamics and unseen forces that can influence our lives and relationships.