Counselling provides the time and space to unpack our troubles, and to hear our own wisdom. It provides a sounding board, and another point of view. It can be both comforting and challenging, bringing relief and clarity from sharing uncomfortable feelings. At such times we feel out of our depth, or in the fog of unknowing without a compass.  

Counselling provides support during –and sometimes before or after– challenging times and difficult life situations.  Perhaps triggered by a major event such as a tragedy, abandonment, separation or redundancy, attention is needed to support emotional and mental wellbeing, and to aid recovery.

Lilliana encourages clients to widen the frame, to view difficulties as potential for change and growth. She supports people to develop their self-awareness, their courage and self-responsibility. By connecting to their strengths and integrity, people become more able to stand up for themselves, to recognise old behaviours that no longer serve them, and to be willing to stretch their comfort zone, and to develop their relationship with themselves.

Sometimes it’s just not clear why we feel low, irritated, despondent or fatigued, but relief and understanding can be gained from exploring uncomfortable feelings. And if there is a crisis– don’t waste the opportunity to give good attention where it’s needed. Unlike the long-term commitment of psychotherapy, counselling can give short-term support or provide a valuable touchstone to return to from time to time.

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems,
holds within it a blessing of some kind. the goal is to find it”